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The Ultimate Photographic History Book

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- 500 Championship Race Wins For Holden Commodore: The Official Photographic History by Aaron Noonan and Will Dale.

- The Commodore nameplate has been a dominant icon of Australian motorsport since its first touring car racing appearance in 1980, and at Townsville 2019 the significant milestone of 500th championship win was achieved by Shane Van Gisbergen in the 2019 RBHRT ZB Holden Commodore.

- The new 500 Championship Race Wins For Holden Commodore book will feature:

• Rare and never-before-published photos of every Holden Commodore to win a championship race in the Australian Touring Car Championship / V8 Supercars / Supercars Championship series since 1980.

• Every winning car will be beautifully presented with a very impressive amount of data featured including:

o Driver names
o Team names
o Model details
o Race date, round and circuit
o Starting position
o Race time
o Number of race laps
o Second place driver/s
o Margin to second
o Race finish rate
o Fast fact notes relating to each car.

• Be produced in a numbered limited edition

• A detailed introduction chapter by Aaron Noonan

• A ‘Best of the Rest’ section highlighting famous Commodores that didn’t win a championship race.

• Profiles and information highlighting the top 10 drivers with the most championship race wins in a Commodore.

• Further statistical analysis and insights.

• All of the iconic cars, teams and drivers to have ever won a championship race in a Commodore.

- Australian-made and printed in Australia via green printing methods, this book is a must-have for the collection of any Holden, motorsport, motoring or automotive enthusiast.

- Official Licensed Holden Product.

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